Double dip lurgy…eugh!  Thankfully we seem to be done with it and have spent the weekend catching up on errands and chores and spending far too much time in the flooring shop, dreaming! 😉

By lunch time today all was shipshape and Button and I decided to make Gruffalo cookies.


Button has several aprons for our baking endeavours but this is her absolute favourite. It was a birthday gift from Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat and she adores it.


Isn’t it cute?

It’s handmade, beautifully, using vintage buttons.

IMG_7113_edited-1And I love the quirky shaping and long, adjustable ties. Button loves it because she looks cute in it!  That it’s pink and has hearts on it helps too.


Katie, who makes these lovely pinnies, and is a neighbour to AWIAC, has just opened her Etsy shop, Kt-1, and I’d heartily recommend you check it out.



Aren’t they just too adorable?

I don’t think this will be the last Kt-1 apron we’ll be seeing in this house.

7 Responses to Apron

  1. Oh wow that’s cute. Makes my little tea towel refashioning with bias tape blush in comparison.

    How were the cookies?

  2. Susan Katz says:

    She is so deliciously adorable Evie! Such an expressive face. It’s a cute apron, too! 🙂

  3. Jane G says:

    what a lovely shape for an apron, hope it didn’t get too messy with the cookies

  4. The apron is just too cute and her smiley face says it all. I was thinking of making one for my nephews but they are not 2 yet.

    • She’s had aprons since she was 2…I can’t keep either of them out of the kitchen. They love baking and cooking, which is pretty cool, I think. We just used to fold them over at the waist so she didn’t trip.

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