Double dip lurgy…eugh! ┬áThankfully we seem to be done with it and have spent the weekend catching up on errands and chores and spending far too much time in the flooring shop, dreaming! ­čśë

By lunch time today all was shipshape and Button and I decided to make Gruffalo cookies.


Button has several aprons for our baking endeavours but this is her absolute┬áfavourite. It was a birthday gift from Alice-who-isn’t-a-cat and she adores it.


Isn’t it cute?

It’s handmade, beautifully, using vintage buttons.

IMG_7113_edited-1And I love the quirky shaping and long, adjustable ties. Button loves it because she looks cute in it! ┬áThat it’s pink and has hearts on it helps too.


Katie, who makes these lovely pinnies, and is a neighbour to AWIAC, has just opened her Etsy shop, Kt-1, and I’d heartily recommend you check it out.



Aren’t they just too adorable?

I don’t think this will be the last Kt-1 apron we’ll be seeing in this house.

7 Responses to Apron

  1. Oh wow that’s cute. Makes my little tea towel refashioning with bias tape blush in comparison.

    How were the cookies?

  2. Susan Katz says:

    She is so deliciously adorable Evie! Such an expressive face. It’s a cute apron, too! ­čÖé

  3. Jane G says:

    what a lovely shape for an apron, hope it didn’t get too messy with the cookies

  4. The apron is just too cute and her smiley face says it all. I was thinking of making one for my nephews but they are not 2 yet.

    • She’s had aprons since she was 2…I can’t keep either of them out of the kitchen. They love baking and cooking, which is pretty cool, I think. We just used to fold them over at the waist so she didn’t trip.

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