Aislinn – casting on at last

I haven’t been going to my Thursday night knitting group regularly for absolutely ages so this is something I’m really looking forward to rectifying now that The Husband is settled in his new job and is home at a civilised hour every night.  It’s lovely to have our evenings freed up as this something we’ve never been able to rely on.

With this in mind, and knowing that I’m planning to head off tonight and don’t have a knitting project on the needles, I thought it was time to tackle the modifications for Aislinn so I can finally cast her on.

image from

image from

This is the first of Amy’s patterns that I’ve tried and already I’m smitten.


Copyright Amy Herzog Designs

Look at that schematic.  So much information. Amy is really walking the walk with this pattern.  It gives you all the information you need to easily identify what’s going to work for you and what isn’t. Together with the worksheet provided by Amy in the Craftsy class it didn’t take me very long to work out that I only needed 5 modifications to the pattern:

  1. Add bust dart shaping
  2. Reduce waist shaping
  3. Increase sleeve to full length
  4. Reduce the size of the cuff
  5. Start the waist shaping a little earlier than the pattern states.

None of these are super complicated, and I have the luxury of being able to run my modifications by the designer to ensure I’ve not completely missed the mark.  But, whilst I wait for that response, I am finally ready to cast on…

IMG_8213_edited-1It will be a while before I complete this garment…I’m not the world’s fastest knitter after all.  But if the instructions are half as clear as the schematic, I’m confident this will be a pleasant project.  And who knows, I may just have a well fitting cardigan at the end of it!

That’s the plan anyway.  Wish  me luck!

20 Responses to Aislinn – casting on at last

  1. Jane G says:

    What a lovely looking pattern. I hope you enjoy knitting it and have a lovely time with your knitting group

  2. So cute! Must be fun to go to a knitting group! I am sure you will be a lot faster if you can chat in the meantime 🙂 just building your case in case you need any extra reasons…. BTW today I am wearing the top made out of the polka dot fabric we bought together

    • A knitting group is such fun and I’m contemplating organising a regular “sew-cial” at a local book store that has a separate room it uses for fun things. Need to sort out the logistics of that one…
      Your Sorbetto is lovely. I really like the released pleat. I finished the skirt from the red fabric we bought yesterday. 😀

  3. As I say to hubby… knitting is long haul, sewing is short haul and dyeing clothing is a trip to the local park.

  4. it’s gorgeous! can’t wait to hear how you get on and how the mopdifications work. it’s stupid – i’ve been knitting since i was little and it never occurred to me that people made more alterations for fit than just knitting a bit longer (as i do!) or shorter. doh!

  5. Sue Taylor says:

    It’s a fabulous pattern. can’t wait to see the photos of the finished object

  6. sewbusylizzy says:

    Good luck, I love this design, it’s on my Ravelry favourites I look forward to seeing yours x

  7. K-Line says:

    I am super excited about this. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out (with info so that I can make my own)!

  8. Looking forward to seeing how this one progresses!

  9. “I only need 5 alterations”. Cripes I need a glass of wine when I list alterations required for a sewing pattern let alone a knit one. Ahem, well except that I don’t do alterations to knit patterns cos my grey matter would rebel. And I knit for small folk who have no curves …. I will stop when they get all teenagerish shaped.

    All silliness aside, lovely knit it will be and I know you’ll enjoy wearing it when all done and gorgeous.

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