A reminder

don't forget

If you find that you need to alter a pattern, say by adding 3 cms of width to a shirt back and yoke to accommodate ridiculously broad shoulders, can I suggest that you remember to also alter any adjoining pattern pieces.  Maybe add 3 cms to the collar stand and collar too.

Otherwise you might find yourself waking at 4am in a cold sweat having realised what you’ve done.  Or not done, as the case may be.

And then spending some time that would be better spent sleeping wondering if you have enough scrap fabric to recut the adjusted collar and collar stand. And if the light sleepers in your house will be disturbed if you sneak up to the sewing loft to find out the answer to your fabric dilemma.  And if you can actually be bothered to get out from underneath the super cosy duvet and quilt to shiver your way up there anyway.

I’m not saying I actually made this mistake, but if I had I’d be awfully glad that I had enough waste fabric to cut new collar and stands, and only need to buy a bit of extra interfacing tomorrow to get myself to the point where I can actually start sewing.

26 Responses to A reminder

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh dear, I know this scenario is hypothetical but I do hope that in that particular hypothetical world there was enough scrap fabric for a do-over!

  2. Susan says:

    At least this story has a happy ending! Or who knows, a contrasting collar might have been a good look anyway… 😉

  3. Thank god the crisis was averted! And if its any consolation I do get up when I wake in a cold sweat. I hate the unresolved and if the kids or hubs wake up they’ll go back to sleep right?! Makes me terribly cranky in the morning though 🙂

  4. Vicki Kate says:

    Phew! Hope you can sleep well tonight!

  5. Linda says:

    You’re a crazy lady! x

  6. gingermakes says:

    Ooh, FYI, should one ever need to lengthen a jacket, the lining pieces also need to be altered. A friend told me that, you know, as like a PSA or whatever.

  7. Evie, this is the best post to start the week. I could just picture you…. Did you get out of bed eventually? So happy to hear you had extra fabric. Thanks for the reminder… Not that it would ever happen to me 😉

  8. Jane G says:

    A feeling I know so well, but for different reasons, lol. Glad it can be easily resolved

  9. Christian Duckworth says:

    I’m so glad you had enough fabric, when I got your text I thought you were cutting an extra collar and stand to make an alternative collar and was very impressed. I was going to offer you some collar studs which are lurking in the button box somewhere.

  10. K-Line says:

    Thank you for this helpful, hypothetical tip! Ah, sewing. Sometimes it’s rough.

  11. Eek…hypothetical eh?!

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