A pair of perfect patterns

Ok…I know…enough with the alliteration already!  I just couldn’t resist but I will do better next time!

This post verges on showing off, but I’m so lucky and so thrilled I just had to share.

First up…my in-laws bought me Colette’s Anise jacket pattern as a congratulations for my exam results.

1023-cover-large-1468376a12321e0c4bde022efa4bcc16I have some stunningly beautiful Scottish tweed that my friend Liz gifted to me that will be perfect for this.  I would share a photo of the fabric but it’s hidden under a pile of Christmas gifts at the moment.  The sewing room is the acknowledged hiding place for presents pre-Christmas as it’s out of bounds for the kids unless I’m with them!

The fabric is about 20 years old and in pristine condition…and is the colour of Scottish meadows.  It’s so beautiful and I knew as soon as I saw it that the only jacket I wanted to make with it was Anise.

So you can imagine the squealing that ensued Chez Stitches when the postman brought me a lovely package from The Village Haberdashery last week with this pattern in it.

It will be my first foray into tailoring of any sort, but I do have the Anise companion booklet, so I think I’m in safe hands.  I just need to hunt down some lovely lining fabric to make the whole thing pop!

As if that wasn’t enough…the lovely Andrea over at Stitch Parade recently held a very generous giveaway and I won the Miz Mozelle Dress pattern by Jamie Christina!


I can’t tell you how delighted I am.

I’m planning to sew a whole raft of dresses next year and this is definitely on the list.   Isn’t it so pretty!  I think so far I’ve got half a dozen dress patterns that I’m simply itching to sew.  I’m sure I can push it to seven to make a whole weeks worth.

So I just wanted to say a very heartfelt thank you to my in-laws and to Andrea for their kindness and generosity.  I’m one very happy seamstress.

14 Responses to A pair of perfect patterns

  1. Jane G says:

    Oh, you should have some fun with these, can’t wait to see the results

    • I’m really looking forward to them. I’m planning to spend a little time over the Christmas break setting the sewing loft up for the new year and making a plan of action. I really can’t wait!

  2. Vicki Kate says:

    How wonderful! Can’t wait to see the fabric for your Anise and you’ll look stunning in the Miss Mozelle dress. I love the neckline of it…

  3. You deserve all this gorgeousness!

  4. gingermakes says:

    What great in-laws you have! You will look so cute in this jacket (and the dress)! Can’t wait to see them!

  5. Andrea says:

    Your Anise is going to look awesome and I can’t wait t see the Miz Mozelle as well!

  6. Jane says:

    Fab! The Anise jacket plus Scottish tweed is a wonderful combination, I can’t wait to see the finished coat. I’ve also had my eye on that Miz Mozelle pattern for a while, it’s so pretty isn’t it? x

    • I’m so looking forward to the jacket. And the Miz Mozelle is a perfect dress for everyday as well as special occasions. I really need dresses that are not going to malfunction when picking up a small person…this fits the bill perfectly and looks cute too!

  7. Oh wow what clever in-laws and lucky old you. Wonderful – can’t wait to see the tweed you have been saving but will wait until after the pressies have been decanted etc, lol.

    Funny how the sewing room is also the gift depository pre-25th. Its the same in my house though we don’t quite trust out little rascals so the packages are all stashed above my, um, stash, on a very very high shelf. Theoretically out of reach. Problem is JJ now realises just how much fabric I have in that cupboard …..

    • My sewing room has a lock on the door out of reach of little fingers. That said there have been a couple of close calls when sneaky little feet have tiptoed up the stairs to see what I’m doing when they really should have been in bed!

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