A good day

When we started on this modernisation project it seemed that we’d never reach the end.  But today has proved us wrong.  Today we have achieved tiles on the walls and a fully working GAS oven and hob.  Today we have finished all the major painting projects (just some touch ups and skirting to paint – none of which can be done for the next week or so). Today we had the radiator in the kitchen fitted (which should make Pa Stitches very happy – his new warm and toasty corner is in place ready for his next visit).  We’ve had the sofas cleaned – no more small chocolate ice creamy handprint reminders of baby Rose’s last visit.

Charlie has had less of a good day.  He had a spa day appointment as he was decidedly woolley, scruffy and smelly.  Unfortunately he was so woolley, scruffy and smelly that the poor groomer had to resort to extreme measures.  So 4 hours of brushing and clipping and bathing later, the poor soul has the dog equivalent of a pudding bowl haircut…..
I feel like a bad mother.

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