As you would say…..oohhh la la! 6 today!  6!!!!!  What the chicken?????*

IMG_0242 - Version 2

This picture sums you up so well, little man.  Always on the go.  Always making sure no-one is left behind.


My thoughtful, kind and caring boy.

When you came home to us you were so sad, so broken.  I thought you’d never see the sun in the world.

But now…you are full of life and joy and tiggerish bounce.  No-one’s heart should be broken so young, but yours has healed so big that sometimes I think it will burst clean out of your chest.


You are a whole bag full of fabulous contradictions. You are brave and gentle, loud and sensitive, hysterically funny and with a ferocious temper.  Any time you want to do something about that last one, count me in!

Demon scooterer. Budding footballer. Maths whizz. Classic Mini obsessive. Cake fiend. London Underground’s biggest fan.  Shocking flirt.  Old fashioned gentleman. Kisser of hands.  I love watching the ladies melt when you offer to hold a door for them, or insist on carrying my shopping because “ladies don’t carry their bags”.

We adore you, my darling boy, and see the man you are growing into.  He’s going to be amazing.  Because you are amazing.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.  We love you 10 hundred and 36 with Smarties on top.

*“What the chick-en!”  Boy’s favourite exclamation.  We don’t get it either, but it’s hilarious!

15 Responses to 6

  1. Helen Snell says:

    What a gorgeous gorgeous little boy!

  2. Jane says:

    You have two beautiful children Evie! All credit to you and your husband for shaping them into the wonderful people they are today. And six???!!! How did that happen?!

    • Evie says:

      Thank you Jane. We are revoltingly proud of them…they are amazing people.
      And six?????….I’ve got no idea but it’s flying by way to quickly!!!!!

  3. Such a gorgeous boy and he sounds like a real charmer. What fabulous manners and kindness. You should be so proud. Xxxx

    • Evie says:

      He’s going to be a real heartbreaker I think. Although this morning….not so charming ;-).
      That said, I am so very proud of him. He’s fought so hard and achieved so much. He’s fantastic.

  4. Jane G says:

    Where has all that time gone! All your nuturing has paid off, a beautiful, happy boy

  5. Gail says:

    Oh Evie – you always bring tears to my eyes with your beautiful letters to your kids! I hope your boy had a fantastic birthday!

  6. What a handsome and wonderful son you have – belated greetings to him 🙂

  7. Vicki Kate says:

    Oh my, he’s growing up so fast! He sounds like a proper gentleman though. All credit to you and your Mr, Boy’s and Button’s hearts are so big because yours are. Happy Birthday Boy!

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