4 simple goals

Wow…my 4 simple goals really resonated with you guys.


I’ve have found it quite liberating.  And surprisingly productive.

Healthwise I’m finally feeling like my old self again, but still get wiped out much more quickly than I did if I try to do too much.  Ask me how I know! 😉

But here’s a quick round up of how my 4 simple goals have panned out since my last post:

Eat whole

On the days where I’ve cut myself some slack I’ve really achieved this goal. I’ve been cooking from scratch again, which we all love, and I’ve really enjoyed taking the time to make something lovely.

At the weekend…it all went a bit haywire. I tried to get too much done and ended up flooring myself.  So much so that we actually ordered take-out on Friday, but instead of just pizza we ordered more healthily, so still an improvement there.

I have soup on the stove as I type so things are looking good for this week already.

Get moving

Yay!  I managed two CrossFit sessions last week and it felt good. I’m considerably less fit than I was before I started CrossFit…definitely a “two steps back” scenario. But…I’m back and I’ve a session planned today.

This one I’m taking super slow. I don’t want to force it and risk injury, so I’ve really scaled down the workouts.  But they still feel good.  Safe, but good!

Practice creativity

I’ve done a little sketching (and no…I’m not sharing…Button draws better than I do!).

I’ve finished a dress for Button…I’ve just not had the opportunity to photograph it on her yet.

And I’ve got a project on the sewing table that I’m really hoping will work out…because it will be my favourite project of the year so far if it does.  But I can’t share any more than that right now.


This has been really impactful.  I’ve just done a little at a time.  The hat drawer.  A bag of papers that needed sorted.  Slowly, slowly…and yet this weekend we put six large boxes in storage from the sewing loft.   It feels good and gave me the space to start packing up the next six boxes.

It’s an incremental change but it’s making the house look and feel less cluttered. Which is a good thing.

So this week I’m planning more of the same.

Have you made 4 simple goals?  How are they working for you?

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  1. Good to hear that things are going well for you. I have started a little ‘organisation’ kick of my own after reading your post. Small goals seem to be good, and clearing space has been major help to clear my mind so I am glad to hear it is good for you too.
    Keep it up!

  2. helen says:

    Well done for getting started!
    I’ve had a tiny tidy up my ‘stuff’ shelf where I put various correspondence, patterns, notes etc. Also when I was out just now in my lunch time I’ve bought a small spiral bound note pad to keep in my bag where I plan to note all the things I need to remember, buy, plan etc.No more forgetting to pay for school lunches etc…..

  3. K-Line says:

    I did some organizing too – just half a closet – and it was so life-improving! It cleared out space to enable me to buy a new yoga prop (which now I have space to store), a prop I will really benefit from. In fact, I had so much extra space that I can now store my head stander in the closet along with it. I’m sure that the joy one gets from a bit of decluttering actually improves the immune system. Take it from me – I’m like an internet doctor 🙂

    • I’m super impressed…mostly because I know just how rubbish you’re feeling at the moment, so this is a huge thing.
      There is evidence that ticking things off “to do” lists releases endorphins and promotes happiness and well-being, so I can well imagine that de-cluttering has a similar effect.

  4. Mrs.Smith says:

    Thank you for this. Like K-Line said, this weekend I finally unpacked some boxes that have been sitting since we moved into our house in July. It felt cleansing to have that clutter removed.

    I should organize my sewing room.

    Uhmm…. 🙂

  5. Melizza says:

    These are goals I’d love to complete too! Hmmm…I should join you.

  6. Shar says:

    You sound like you’re feeling much better! Your posts have definitely been inspiring. I started to write ‘your goal posts’, but that sounded too sports related, lol. I’ve borrowed three of your goals and need to come up with a fourth. I cleaned my closet out this weekend so I can be a bit more organized getting ready for work in the morning. I took a knit tunic destined for the goodwill pile and turned it into a skirt so I think that can go in the creative bucket. Not so much going on in the Get Moving area though since I was under the weather last week (that’s really going to be the hardest goal for me).

    • I’m feeling much better, thank you. I’m so glad to have been inspiring. You sound like you’ve been really productive.
      I have to admit that the “Get Moving” goal is the hardest. Although finding CrossFit, which I’m really enjoying even though its very challenging, does make it a little easier to make the effort.

  7. Good for you – sounds like you are heading in the right direction. No goals here but we have decided not to break our necks with the renovation project…we’re in charge and we can take it as fast or as slow as we choose. I like that!

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