3 simple ways to blow your sewing budget

Life chez Stitches hasn’t reached the point of routine yet.  Between odd school hours and trying to catch up on six weeks of abandoning the house in favour of family time, I’ve been so busy and tired I have hardly knit a stitch this week, let alone do any sewing.

I have however had time sitting around waiting for kids when I’ve been able to browse the interwebs and have found some new lovelies that I thought I’d share.

First up is a new indie pattern company, Named,

a Finnish clothing pattern label founded by sisters Saara and Laura Huhta…Named garments are a combination of Scandinavian clean-lined simplicity and interesting details. The aim of the collections is to bring a new perspective to making one’s own clothes and to support ethical and ecological consuming in contrast to a clothing industry focused on fast fashion.

The clothes are really cool…crisp, clean, modern lines.  Although I’m not sewing much for myself at the moment whilst the CrossFit does it’s work, I do have some Named patterns in my crosshairs:

Just click on any image for a bigger picture.

Named has also put out a full Fall/Winter collection of patterns which is a great idea, I think.  It’s a cohesive collection too. I’m happy that there is a slightly edgier pattern company out there.  I love retro styling, but I’d also like some more modern pieces in my wardrobe too, something that has been lacking for home sewists.

Saying that I like retro styling, thanks to the gorgeous Roisin (who got engaged to her handsome man last week…congratulations!) I’ve discovered another new pattern line, Pauline Alice.  Her first pattern, a vintagey shirt dress, is gorgeous.

Cami dress

Cami dress

Roisin has made a really cute version (you’d expect nothing less):

Picture shameless pilfered from Dolly Clacket

Picture shameless pilfered from Dolly Clacket

I am all over shirtdresses at the moment. This one’s on my list too!

It’s fabulous that the indie pattern scene is so healthy.  Not only does it give designers, who are usually women, an opportunity to express their creativity and support themselves outside of the normal corporate template, but it gives home sewists an every growing and increasingly diverse range of styles to choose from.  It’s just a “win-win” for everyone.  Long may it continue.

Up till now, however, this opportunity has really been limited to pattern designers, but at last, we have an indie fabric designer too…20th Century Cloth:

the home of new retro inspired fabrics…designed in London and printed in the UK


At £14 per half metre these are not cheap…but you are paying for the craftsmanship that goes into these amazing designs and, I’m hoping, a good quality fabric.  Although, really, you need a couple of metres for a dress, plus notions, so you’re still a damn site cheaper than some nasty High Street tat that’s made in a sweat shop in Bangladesh.

To be fair, though, you won’t need need to justify a purchase…just look at these gorgeous fabrics:

konabambusa_crimp-400x400I would so love this as a wiggle dress for Christmas parties (I know, I said the C word, but I did buy my first C present this week…).

modestonoir_crimp-400x400And I know I swore off black, but really, I think I could make a happy exception for this.

And whilst we’re heading into autumn here in the UK, this print is perfect for you southern hemisphere gals, just heading into spring.


Now that I’ve encouraged you to bust the sewing budget this month, don’t forget that my lovely Simplicity giveaway closes tonight.  Free patterns…woot.

I’ve got a crazy busy weekend (lots of activities with kids and dog, I need to clear the sewing room ready for my next project…box cushions for Lara Croft’s ma…and the pattern to set on the front of Aislinn). So if I don’t get to pick the winners until Monday, please don’t worry…I won’t forget.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend too.

20 Responses to 3 simple ways to blow your sewing budget

  1. Vicki Kate says:

    Oh that Modesto fabric would be a perfect shirt dress! I have to admit to buying the Cami pattern as soon as it was launched and its next on the list of things to sew! I really do need to get some photos done too…
    How’s the cross fit going? I’m cheering you on from here!

    • Wouldn’t it just. It would make a stunning Cami, for sure.
      Can’t wait to see what you’re up to.
      CrossFit is the hardest physical thing I’ve ever done. It nearly reduced me to tears on Monday, no kidding. BUT I think I might just love it. Kettleball madness tonight. It’ll be my 4th session and although I really just want to sit on the sofa with biscuits and tea (it’s raining here) I want to beat this challenge more. It’s not a feeling I’m used to!

  2. Good luck with the crossfit stuff – I have been there on the kettlbell and olympic weight craziness. it def works though!
    Loving the Named patterns and I agree its nice to have an indie pattern company that is focusing on modern / contemporary rather than just retro.

    • The Crossfit is rather fun. I’ve always been immensely bored with traditional gyms and loath the treadmill/crosstrainer cardio thing. But lifting free weights has always been fun. I’ve just never lifted quite so much! I’m looking forward to the results!
      The Named patterns do look great. I’m keen to try them out.

  3. As if we needed any more ideas for blowing the sewing budget!!! I’m on a no-spending mission for September and October. I counted 5 garments I could make without purchasing anything and then there’s always stash delve projects to keep me occupied! Currently oggling the Cameron Flare Pants by Named!

  4. K-Line says:

    This is just mean, Evie. I really love the styling of that Named patterns co. I’ve resisted so far but now you’re throwing me over the edge. Eeek.

  5. Thanks for being so thoughful about your readers ;o) I recently discovered Pauline’s blog and love it. If I had to follow my instincts and your gorgeous suggestions I think not even 200 pounds sewing budget a month wouldn’t be enough! Today I just bought a few supplies for a lingerie sewing test i want to make and spent 28 euros (I really felt guilty)…buying jewelry would be cheaper! Plus recently a new online sewing shop opened in Italy…all the temptations I tried to resist (merchant and mills, japanese fabrics) now have cheaper shipping…and I decided I want to learn German so I can also easily shop from German sites (normally cheaper).
    But I love sewing is popular again! Keep it coming!!!

    • I’m so caring and sharing…;-)
      My first reaction to all of these lovelies was “that’s going to cost me”!!!
      I think I need a job just to keep me in fabric and notions. And I didn’t even mention the new overlocker they tried to tempt my with this week!
      I need to learn German too…I have a Schnittvision CD Rom that I still haven’t worked out how to use.

  6. I love that shirtdress but always avoind things with buttons down the front because of my er…ample assets. Maybe I could have one that suits me if I actually made it myself though!

  7. Anne-Marie says:

    I like the Finnish patterns but find not one that would suit me, with my, as chica andaluza says ‘ample assets’ combined with lack of height. Especially the cape would be very unflattering. If I had an A or B cup size I would love the T-shirt though – very pretty! And I like the jacket, although it’s a bit too long for me, being only 1.59 ‘tall’.

  8. sewbusylizzy says:

    those Named Patterns are calling MY NAME! I need those jeans in my life, and the tops, and the jacket… oh dear…

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